❝ Bend over let's make memories

Gets off a buss >
Someone else gets off with a spock bag >
I say to her that her bag is neat >
She sees my bag>
Says neat batman bag>
Vulcan salutes her
She vulcan salutes me>
Vulcan salute turns intoa vulcan salute high five>
Day made

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Batman: Gothamin ritari Kuudesta lyhytanimaatiosta koostuva animeleffa

Okay Batman the dark knight rises

was pretty okay, I was waiting for something more horrible and wrong but it was kind of good. About.. 3/5 yeah but the music was pure gold 5/5 

And yes manly tears where shed in several places. 

Poor Alfred. ;_;

Don’t reblog. Take a screenshot and make a new post. Then tag it with your fandoms so other people can see it.

Testing my camera

Draw me like one of your asylum girls

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Batman is my favorite Disney Princess



he is such a pretty one

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